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Santa Clara County Vietnamese Health Assessment Report

The Vietnamese Health Assessment for Santa Clara County, conducted by the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health with various local Vietnamese American organizations serving as the advisory commission, released their full report recently.

Key Findings

  • The Vietnamese population is the second largest Asian subgroup in Santa Clara County, at 7.5% of the county population. Santa Clara County has the second largest Vietnamese population (134,525) of any county in the U.S., surpassed in size only by Orange County, California. 
  • One in 10 Vietnamese families in Santa Clara County lives in poverty, which is higher than for families in the county overall and for families of all other major racial/ethnic groups except Hispanics.
  • Educational attainment is lower in the Vietnamese population than in most other major racial/ethnic groups and in Santa Clara County overall. 
  • Most Vietnamese residents of Santa Clara County (69%) were born in Vietnam. Most foreign-born Vietnamese in Santa Clara County (79%) are naturalized citizens.
  • Vietnamese adults cited health, health insurance, finances, and unemployment/jobs as the biggest concerns for their households.

Other Highlights

  • Social Unity: In 2007 to 2009, nearly all of the county’s Vietnamese households (83%) were family households consisting of two or more people who are related, which was the highest proportion among households of all major racial/ethnic groups. Average Vietnamese household (3.7 people) and family size (4.1 people) were larger than for most other racial/ethnic groups. In addition, a higher percentage of Vietnamese adults were married (55%) than adults from most other major racial/ethnic groups.
  • Mental Health: Forty percent (40%) of Vietnamese adults in Santa Clara County reported that when they were at their worst emotionally during the past 12 months, their emotions interfered with daily activities. Nearly 1 in 10 Vietnamese adults felt they might have needed to see a health professional during the past 12 months due to problems with their mental health, emotions, nerves, or alcohol or drugs. In 200910, a higher percentage of Vietnamese middle and high school students in Santa Clara County reported symptoms of depression than all Asian/Pacific Islanders, Whites, and students in the county overall.
  • Cancer: Cancer was the leading cause of death among Vietnamese residents and accounted for a larger percentage of total Vietnamese deaths in 2011 than for all county residents or residents of all other major racial/ethnic groups. Incidence and mortality rates for liver cancer were four times higher among Vietnamese adults than adults in the county as a whole. Vietnamese adults also had the second highest lung cancer incidence and mortality rates compared to other major racial/ethnic groups. Vietnamese women had the second highest incidence rate of cervical cancer in 2007 to 2009 relative to women from other major racial/ethnic groups in the county.
  • Blood Pressure/Cholesterol: As of 2011, more than a quarter (29%) of Vietnamese adults had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and a higher percentage (37%) had been diagnosed with high cholesterol than adults countywide and adults from all other major racial/ethnic groups as of 2009, with the exception of Whites, who had a similar rate.
  • Healthcare Coverage: In 2011, more than 1 in 4 Vietnamese adults (26%) in Santa Clara County lacked healthcare coverage, a higher proportion than for adults in the county as a whole in 2009. In 2011, nearly 1 in 6 Vietnamese adults (16%) reported that they could not see a doctor when needed in the past 12 months because of cost.
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