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2012 Wikipedia Asian American Representative Selection

A few Wikipedia editors, in following consensus-driven practices in modifying a Wikipedia article, in this case, Asian American, to discern which portraits would best represent the Asian American article. The representative selection process is undergoing a selection process that ends December 18.

Currently, the article features these notable Asian Americans, while the selection process thread contains nominations for a new set of representatives:

Sadly, my knowledge of these notables are rather depressing. The discussion at the selection process thread raised concerns between the importance of fair representation against that of notability. Granted, all of these individuals pass the minimum Wikipedia standard for notability, but perhaps a more telling way of determining notability is the number of webpages their name is found in cyberspace discussions. Sessue Hayakawa, for example, only manages to score 241,000 results on Google, compared to Nadia Ali’s 9.4 million results. One might say, “Well that method skews towards people who are more recent.” While that is true, why is it that people still talk about Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein, even though they are long gone (especially Lincoln!)? Their notability comes from lasting repercussions that continues to this day. Media, educational institutions, and government play large roles in continuing the discussion of people long deceased. It’s a matter of whether their names has been somehow ingrained into the American culture.

Of course this raises the question of how do Asian Americans, with their contributions and legacies matched against other Americans, fare in terms of media portrayal?

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